What should I expect if I visit? 


8:30am - Prayer Meeting
9:00am - Lord's Supper
10:15am - Sunday School
11:30 Bible Teaching

7:00pm Women's Bible Class

6:15pm Boys Brigade

6:00pm SYNP Youth

Clothing Styles

Most of us dress business casual.  Men with slacks and a collared shirt.

How We Worship

On the first day of every week, starting at 9am we practice what the church has practiced for 2000 years; the Lord's Supper (i.e. communion). Rather than have a praise band or  worship leader guide us, the men who are members stand and give out hymns, prayers, scriptures about Jesus' death on the cross, burial, and resurrection. It's all about Him! If you are used to a music concert at church, what we do will be a bit different. However, we think it's pretty close to what you find in the Bible.


Bethel uses a mix of traditional hymns with guitar and piano led chorus singing by the entire congregation. 


Nursery – A nursery is provided during all meetings for children from infants to age 3. 

Sunday School – We have classes for elementary, middle, and high school. 

Adult Classes

After the Lord's Supper end's we have two adult classes available (a) expository Bible study where we go verse by verse through a book of the Bible or  (b) Study booklet based class where we work through a life lessons study guide.  Currently we are going through a study in the book of Galatians. 


After the adult class ends everyone comes back together for 20 minutes of singing followed by 30-45 minutes of Bible teaching. We tend to go expositorily through a Book of the Bible. We are finishing up Joshua and will be starting 2 Timothy next. Teaching is done by the men in the picture on the 'About Us' page. Each takes a turn in a rotation, so you will hear a variety of speakers. 


Everyone has preferences these days. Our concern is that God is pleased with what we do first of all. If the church is primarily concerned with pleasing the culture then it will twist and turn with passing fads. What the culture needs is more of God's truth, more of God's Word. 

We have  mixed age range in our fellowship, including young children, young adults, parents with small children, grandparents, and so on. 

Age groups

A 2003 study found that the average protestant church has 89 adults in attendance. 60% of churches have 100 or less people in them. We fit into this category. 

Church Size